How to Choose Schools in Kenya

Public and Private Schools in Kenya

Education is one of the most important sector in Kenya. Various levels of learning institutions exist in Kenya. Learning institutions are in both major urban areas like Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nyeri, Eldoret and smaller urban areas. A common questions that usually crops up is:,
- what should someone consider before choosing a school in Kenya?
- or what metrics can be used to determine a good school in Kenya?

    Here are some of the considerations we came up with.
  • Determine that a school is registered: - The government regulates Schools in Kenya. Ensure that a school is registered by the Ministry of Education.
  • Private or Public schools: - Before joining a school it is vital to know the type of ownership, the education quality might vary based on this due to the size of the population being served
  • The education System: - The main Systems of educaton used in Kenya are the Kenyan system of education and the British education system. Learning institutions that offer the British System are fewer compared to those offering the Kenyan System.
  • School Facilities: - It is good to look at the facilities a school has, these include sports grounds, laboratories
  • "Everything under one roof": - You could also look at a school in the context of a school having many levels of learning within the same campus i.e Nursery, Primary, secondary school and other levels. You could wish to have consistency in the given learning approach or environment provided within one setup.
  • Boarding or Day school: - There are many considerations that goes into choosing a school, you might come across a school that you feel it fits your requirement but unfortunatly it is too far, this is where a bording school comes in handy or transportation due to one reason or the other is problematic making boarding the most worthwhile option in this situation
  • Consult widely: Talk to people, you can reach out to members of staff of a school through telephone, or a suitable networking media. On this site inetnob-RT is specifically for such a purpose(getting intouch with a given school's staff members). This will help in getting answers to questions you might have
  • Fees Required: - The amount of money that need to be paid to a schools needs to be known well in advance, this will help in preparations and as well minimize disruptions to the learner.
  • This list can definately be elongated, if you have something we can add please feel free to let us know.

Here is a list of Kenya's Nursery schools, Primary schools, and Secondary Schools.