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Colleges and Schools in Kenya

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Learning institutions in Kenya

It is now possible to have as much information as you wish about Schools and Colleges in Kenya and as well Universities in Kenya. By making use of Inetnob-RT networking platform on this site, you can easily get intouch with administrators, teachers, lecturers, colleagues and others to find out more about any given course or requirement within a university, college or a school. Inetnob-RT networking platform is a coporate networking platform, like social networking platforms, Corporate networking means being able to interact as well, but coporate networking is focused mainly within your place of work or being easily intouch with people from other organisations. Inetnob-RT coporate networking platform also has a good number workflow features like work scheduling for learning institutions and companies in other various trades. Workflow features will definately go along way in enhancing communication and the general well being of your organization.

Learning in Kenya Contacts for Schools and Colleges in Kenya/ Universities in Kenya are displayed on this site. Know the entry requirement of various courses, for Universities, Distance learning institutions, Colleges, Secondary Schools, Primary schools, Pre-Units, Special schools, Nursery Schools, Kindergartens, Baby Classes and Pre-Units in Kenya on this website. Colleges and Schools in Kenya are either public or privately owned and they are regulated by the government.

This site provides a list of both Public and Privately owned Universities, Colleges and Schools in Kenya, courses offered, Duration, their Entry Requirements and their Contacts, these learning institutions are located across Kenya in all the 47 counties.

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Companies in Kenya

Companies in KenyaAreas of business which include insurance, banking, software, manufacturing, Accounting, Airlines, Courier, Media, Tour & Travel, etc are some of the diverse trades which Companies in Kenya are in.

This site provides a list of Companies in Kenya various trades, their contacts, products and services. Majority of the companies are located in the Capital city of Kenya that is Nairobi Kenya. Inetnob-RT coporate networking platform can also be utilised by companies in Kenya to connect with their customers and their suppliers.

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Know what is happening in the entertainment industry in Kenya. This diverse industry covers Poetry, Art and Culture, Song and Dance, Acting (Drama, Movies) etc.

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